Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Amberley Castle values its people, guests and the environment equally and is committed to continuous improvement in its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.

All employees are encouraged to follow the principles of the policy to assist the hotel in meeting its CSR objectives and our ‘Green Team' ensures that these policies are regularly reviewed and assessed.

As members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, the leading sustainable tourism certification scheme in the UK, we are assessed against a rigorous set of criteria, covering a range of areas, like energy and water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and more.

Amberley Castle aims to continuously improve our green activity through the following steps:

Management and Marketing

  • Continue to increase staff environmental awareness, creating a green culture.
  • Continue to hold green team meetings regularly.
  • Support both local and international social responsibility projects and remain active in the community.

Energy and Water

  • We are constantly striving to reduce the hotel's carbon footprint by monitoring energy use. 
  • Low energy lighting and individual heating controls in the rooms.
  • We always operate green laundry practices where possible.
  • Every effort is made to ensure noise and light emissions to surrounding neighbourhood are minimised.
  • We actively encourage guests to re-use their towels if they are staying for a few days.


  • We are committed to responsibly sourced food products and ingredients, following seasonal trends and reducing food miles by sourcing from the local area whenever possible. We source quality ingredients from artisan suppliers within the area, with bread and meat (and most vegetables and cheeses) originating within a few miles of the hotel.
  • We encourage all departments to use local suppliers and contractors, where possible to actively support the local community and reduce delivery and travelling mileage.
  • We purchase fair-trade and ethical products where possible and use eco-friendly cleaning products when available.

Waste Management

  • We recycle all waste paper, glass, cardboard and plastic bags and have invested in a waste compactor.
  • Waste food and used kitchen oil is collected, composted and recycled.
  • We implement sound gardening practices and composting.
  • Any hazardous waste substances are minimised and effectively disposed.



  • We advise guests of local walking routes and cycle paths and public transport options where suitable.
  • Most staff members live locally and are encouraged to walk when possible.

For further information on our green initiatives please contact the hotel directly on 01798 831 992.